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Come on! Get involved! We’re looking for businesses and citizens who want to be part of the celebration. Do you have a great idea of how your business can participate? Are you interested in being a volunteer at one of the Centennial events? Please contact us for more information on how you or your business can help the City celebrate 2012.


Do you want your business to be part of our Centennial celebration? Then contact us and learn how you can be part of our history.

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Our Centennial celebrations won’t be possible without volunteers. If you want to be involved and help make the Centennial celebration a great success, then call or email us. There are many ways to help!!

Volunteer, get involved!
MoonShineDid You Know...

that moonshine whiskey was one of the products that kept the economy of Redmond alive during the lean times?
In 1916, just as logging in the area was winding down, prohibition came to the Pacific NW. To keep revenue flowing into the city's many watering holes, moonshine was distilled by bootleggers and sold in the saloons. One of the rumors of the time is the belief that Wiley constructed tunnels underneath his property to safety transport his moonshine from the shed to the saloons across the street.

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